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Are Bulgarian Properties Worth Buying?

This is the main question that many new real estate investors ask because they doubt that buying property in the country is worth doing. Bulgarian properties are among the most popular real estate investment that wealthy investors aim for. This is merely because the country is the best place for either holiday, retirement or merely an investment. This is why the property value in Bulgaria is considered stable when it is compared to the value of property in other eastern European countries.

Bulgarian properties are available in various sizes, types and definitely prices. The prices range of the property in this country may be lower than those in Western Europe. This is why there are so many investors from the United Kingdom, Italy, French and German who prefer to make their investment here. For example, the price of apartments for sale in a beach-front area like Santa Marina ranges from £40,000 to £60,000. Those apartments provide high comfort of living in which those apartments are surrounded by natural pine forests. Yet, there are so many amusement places for every family member like restaurants, pools, kids’ swimming pools, and excellent public facilities.

Investing in Bulgarian land is even worth considering because most Bulgarian lands can be the best sources of income in agricultural. The price of agricultural land can be much cheaper than the prices of residential properties like apartments or private houses. Yet, investors can make the most of their investment to develop the land into vineyards, for example. This can be a great way to get high investment return.

There are so many websites offering various Bulgarian properties where investors can choose among several categories. There are sections where searchers can find the best property based on prices, facilities and locations. However, it is important to find reliable real estate agents whose websites provide the latest prices and updates about the current properties market value.

Bulgaria has long been one of the favourite tourist destinations of British people, which has had very positive effects on the Bulgarian economy. In the years preceding the Financial Crisis, the Bulgarian property market observed a massive boom- many new hotels, spas, recreational centres, and discos began construction mainly in the resorts the British frequented. However, the European debt crisis has put a stop to most of the building projects. Following, we will have a general discussion on the ways the European debt crisis affected the Bulgarian property boom.debt crisis

Before the financial crisis, the property market in Bulgaria was spewing out new buildings with increasing numbers. The sheer amount of interested buyers from Britain, Germany, Russian and Sweden, incentivised the market to begin construction on more and more projects. The main place that was affected was the seaside, where new hotels sprang everywhere. However, once the crisis hit, interest in buying property fell substantially, which led to people abandoning their former investments so that they do not accrue more losses.

The amount of buyers were not the only thing that declined. In the following years, tourism became a commodity that was mainly reserved for only the wealthy and prosperous, and many of those who had a low to medium incomes decided not to spend money on a vacation. As a result, the tourists that would usually flock to Bulgaria in the summer months decreased. The hotels that were already built could not be filled up—some could not even find customers. Therefore, the boom in construction stopped immediately as the prospect of selling or lending the newly built rooms and houses disappeared.

The European debt crisis has had a substantial effect on the property boom in Bulgaria. It is easy to see this by visiting the most popular resorts because you will see, everywhere you look, abandoned, half-finished projects that are no longer profitable. This is expected to change after the crisis passes, but until then investors would rather not put their money in something that they would not be able to sell.

If you have personally being affected in your Bulgarian property developments because of the Euro debt crisis, it may be well worth you researching the different debt management companies that could help you if you have a lot of debt tied up in your Bulgarian property. A company that could help you consolidate your debt in your Bulgarian property is the Consolidation Loan Centre. Just go to debt consolidation loan to find out more today.

Bulgaria is no doubt a leading sector of Eastern Europe, which is what makes its properties a popular and beneficial investment. Today, there is a significant and impressive growth in property investment trend in Bulgaria thanks to economic factors. Hence, Bulgaria is considered as a very popular investment hot spot for properties today.Bulgarian Property

When it comes to the task of buying or selling a land in Bulgaria, the mode of payment is not at all complicated or intimidating. Bulgaria is a property investor’s paradise because one can choose from historic villages, ski resorts and coastal resorts. If you want basic Bulgarian properties then you can also invest in apartments in Bulgaria. One of the top locations for buying an apartment is Sunny Beach. If you don’t use the apartment yourself then you can always rent it out. These apartments fetch a higher rental income during summers. If you are interested in investing in a ski resort then the mountains resorts of Bansko would be a good choice.

If you are looking for lovely properties and you don’t mind paying a bit more for them then Pamporovo is the spot for you. You will find some of the most beautiful and physically attractive Bulgarian properties here. The number of property investors purchasing apartments and ski chalets here in Pamporovo is simply increasing with each passing day. Properties here offer a great view of the Western Rhodopi mountain range and the popular Orpheus Mountain.

If apartments are what you’re interested in then South Sofia in Bulgaria is a great spot to look for your dream apartment. Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria and it is located in a valley in West Bulgaria. The apartments here sell off like hot cakes therefore if you manage to find a good deal then it is advisable to bag it as soon as possible. Other popular locations to hunt for and purchase Bulgarian properties would be Ruse, Burgas, Silven, Vratsa, Gabrovo, Razgrad and Targovishte.